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Magickal Herb Attributes


RASPBERRY: Rubus idaeus.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Native to N. America and Europe.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Love, protection.
ROSE: Rosa genus.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Air.
Part Used: Petals, essential oil.
Origin: Believed to be native to Persia and the Orient. Found in temperate regions throughout both hemispheres. Introduced to S. Africa and S. America.
Uses: Annointing, balance, banishing, beauty, blessings (house), clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, creativity, divination, happiness, healing, longevity, love, luck, lust, memory, peace, prophetic dreams, protection, release, to keep secrets, transformation, weddings.
Other: In Greece, Rose oil with the supreme offering to Aphrodite. Used as an all-purpose annointing oil. To invoke Isis. To increase personal magnetism. Associated with Rose Quartz. The petals smell like burnt leaves in incense, so use sparingly.
Sabbat: Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnassadh, Mabon.
ROSEMARY: Rosmarinus officinalis.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: An evergreen shrub indigenous to the Mediterranean region.
Part Used: Leaves (needles), essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, annointing, anti-theft, blessings, confidence, consecration, courage, death, determination, exorcism, fidelity, inspiration happiness, healing (with Juniper), longevity, love, luck, lust, meditation, memory, mental powers, newlyweds, to banish nightmares, peace, protection, psychic, purifying, release, remembrance, sleep, strength, youth, wisdom.
Other: Truly an all-purpose magickal herb of great power. Has very powerful purifying vibrations. Used in rituals for the dead and as a symbol of remembrance at funerals. Used to attract good spirits and repel evil ones. Is an ingredient of many Celtic recipes. Use to attract the Faery Folk.
Sabbat: Yule, Imbolc.
ROSEWOOD: Aniba roseadora.
Origin: Native to the Amazon area.
Part Used: Wood, essential oil.
Uses: Powdered wood is an excellent incense base. This is one of the trees that is being felled in the clearing of the rainforest.
ROWAN: Sorus aucaparia, S. americana.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
AKA: Mountain Ash.
Origin: Northern Europe, Mt. Ash is native to N. America.
Part Used: Wood, leaves.
Uses: Binding, divination, healing, inspiration, luck, protection, protection from storms, wisdom.
Other: A Druid sacred tree and sacred to goddess Brigit. Magickal tree used for wands and amulets. A very magickal tree used in almost all forms of magick.
Sabbat: Beltane.
RUE: Ruta graveolens.
Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Fire/Earth.
Origin: Native of southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Introduced to Britain by the Romans.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Banishing, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, inspiration, longevity, love, luck, mental, protection, psychic, purification, renewal, wisdom.
Other: Ancient Celts considered Rue an antimagical herb - a defense against spells and dark magick.

SAGE: Salvia officinalis.
Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air/Earth.
Origin: Mostly a native of the Mediterranean region (common garden Sage). Over 500 species, some common to N. America and Mexico. White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a native to hot dry areas of North and Central America.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, consecraction, divination, healing, immortality, inspiration, longevity, love, lust, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, to keep secrets, spirituality, weddings, wisdom.
Other: A Roman sacred herb. The Amerindian herb is not the same, but is an Artemesia.
Sabbat: Mabon, Samhain, Ostara, Yule.
ST. JOHN'S WORT: Hypericum perforatum.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: Throughout Europe and Asia, Britain and N. America.
Part Used: Leaves, flower, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, banishing, confidence, courage, exorcism, fertility, happiness, healing, hex-breaking, love, luck, protection, psychic, purification, release, strength.
Other: Used to increase power of spells. A Druid sacred herb; the Celts passed it through the smoke of the Summer Solstice fire, then wore it in battle for invincibility. Used in Needfires (along with Ivy, Mugwort, Milfoil, Vervain, Elder, Fennel, Melilot, Chamomile, Plantain, Hawthorn, Lavender and Fern).
Sabbat: Beltane, Midsummer.
SANDALWOOD: Santalum album.
Feminine, Moon/Mercury, Water/Air.
Origin: Small tree native to India.
Part Used: Bark, essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, annointing, bind spells, clairvoyance, concentration, consecration, divination, exorcism, healing, luck, lust, manifestation, meditation, protection, psychic, purification, reincarnation, spirituality, wishes.
Other: One of the oldest known aromatic herbs, at least 4000 yr. of use. Mysore Sandalwood is considered the best. Use to annoint divination tools to bring fast, accurate answers. Dab oil on 3rd eye for past life recall. A fixative.
Sabbat: Lughnassadh, Yule.
SANDALWOOD, RED: Pterocarpus santalinus.
Venus, Earth.
AKA: Santel.
Origin: Sandwich Island and western Australia.
Part Used: Wood.
Uses: Fidelity, honesty, love, protection.
Other: This is not truly Sandalwood, but often used as such.
SASSAFRAS: Sassafras albidum.
Masculine, Jupiter/Saturn, Fire/Earth.
Origin: Three species native to eastern U.S.A. and from Canada to Mexico, also eastern Asia and Brazil.
Part Used: Root bark, essential oil.
Uses: Compassion, healing, love, prosperity.
Other: Use to increase medicine power. An Amerind tree. Adds sweet odor to incense.
SPEARMINT: Mentha spicata.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Air.
Origin: Thought to be a native of the Mediterranean region.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, consecration, dreams, happiness, healing, love, luck, lust, mental, prosperity, protection, psychic, release, sleep.
Other: A Voodoun protection oil for body and home. Use with Sandalwood for a house blessing. A favorite Medieval strewing herb.
SQUILL: Urginea scilla.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
AKA: Sea Onion.
Origin: Mediterranean countries, Canary Islands, Cape of Good Hope.
Part Used: Root.
Uses: Hex-breaking, prosperity, protection.
Other: CAUTION: Poison!
STAR ANISE: Illicum verum.
Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air.
Origin: Evergreen tree from China, Japan and India.
Part Used: Star-shaped fruit.
Uses: Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, fertility, love, luck, banishing nightmares, prosperity, protection, psychic.
Other: Use to empower magickal objects. More fragrant then regular anise, though not related.
STORAX: Stryax officinalis, Liquidamber orientalis.
See Liquidamber.
STRAWBERRY: Fragraria genus.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth.
Origin: Found all over the northern hemisphere, except in tropical areas.
Part Used: Leaves, oil.
Uses: Beauty, clairvoyance, divination, fertility, love, luck.
Other: Faeries like offering of the oil. To get a strawberry scent, use the essence - the leaves smell like leaves. The leaves are a symbol of foresight.
Sabbat: Ostara.
SWEETGRASS: Hierochloe odorata.
Part Used: Leaves.
Origin: North America.
Uses: Amerindian herb for calling the spirits.

TANSY: Tanacetum vulgare.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Europe, later in North America. Related to Feverfew, Marigold and Daisy.
Part Used: Flower, leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Healing, immortality, invisibility, longevity.
Other: One of the bitter herbs of the Bible. CAUTION: Considered toxic by some.
Sabbat: Imbolc, Ostara.
TARRAGON:Artemisia dracunculus
Mars, Fire.
AKA: Little Dragon.
Origin: Southern Europe, S. America and Asia. Seldom found in U.K.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Animals, anti-theft, confidence, courage, love, protection, to keep secrets, strength.
Other: Dragons.
THISTLE: Carduus species.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Origin: Many species native to Europe, Asia and Mexico.
Part Used: Flower.
Uses: Exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, protection, strength.
Other: Holy Thistle (Carduus benedictus) is a Druid sacred herb.
Sabbat: Yule (Blessed Thistle), Mabon.
THYME: Thymus vulgaris.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Air.
Origin: Mediterranean countries and Spain. Another species is native to Britain. Also found in the Middle East.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, confidence, concentration, consecration, courage, death, divination, healing, love, meditation, memory, to banish nightmares, protection, psychic, purification, sleep.
Other: A Druid sacred herb. Used in rituals for the dead and to ease grief at funerals. An ingredient of holy water. Represented chivalry during the middle ages. A Faery herb, used to see Faeries.
TOBACCO: Nicotiana genus.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
Origin: Native to N. America, later cultivated in most sub-tropical countries.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Healing, offerings, purification.
Other: Amerindian herb. To call upon gods and make them appear. Used in shaman, Voodoun and Macumba incenses. Conducive to trancework. It is best to use pure, organically-grown tobacco if possible. What you find in cigarettes has been adulterated with many chemicals.
TONKA: Coumarouma odorata.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Large tree native to S. America. Later cultivated in W. Africa.
Part Used: Beans, oil.
Uses: Courage, healing, love, luck, prosperity, wishes.
Other: Fast luck. Used as a fixative. CAUTION: Poison!
TURMERIC: Cucurma longa.
Mars, Fire.
Origin: S. Asia.
Part Used: Root.
Uses: Confidence, courage, exorcism, hex-breaking, lust, purification, strength.
Other: Hawaiian incense. May be used in place of black or cayenne pepper in incenses.

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