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Magickal Herb Attributes


NETTLE: Urtica dioica.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
AKA: Stinging Nettle.
Origin: Throughout temperate regions of Europe, Asia, Japan, S. Africa, Australia, Andes, N. America and Canada.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Courage (with Yarrow), exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, lust, send-back, protection.
NIGHTSHADE, BLACK: Solanum nigrum.
AKA: Garden Nightshade, Henbane.
Uses: See Henbane.
NIGHTSHADE, DEADLY: Atropa belladonna.
Feminine, Saturn, Water.
AKA: Belladonna, Dwale.
Origin: Native to central and southern Europe, southern and western Asia. Later cultivated in England, France and N. America. Rare in Scotland.
Part Used: Berries.
Uses: Astral projection, banishing, visions.
Other: Sacred to Hecate. CAUTION: All parts are Highly Poisonous!
Sabbat: Samhain.
NIGHTSHADE, WOODY: Solanum dulcamara.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
AKA: Bittersweet.
Origin: Native to Europe, Britain and N. America.
Part Used: Berries.
Uses: Healing, protection, to forget lost love.
Other: CAUTION: Poisonous!
Sabbat: Samhain.
NUTMEG: Myristica fragrans.
Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Malaya, Molucca Islands.
Part Used: Seed, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, divination, dreams, fidelity, fertility, healing, invisibility, justice, love, luck, lust, meditation, prosperity, protection, psychic, sleep.
Other: Used to activate love spells.
Sabbat: Samhain.

OAK: Quercus alba, many species.
Masculine, Sun/Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Found throughout northern hemisphere.
Part Used: Leaves, acorns, wood.
Uses: Commanding, confidence, courage, fertility, healing, longevity, luck, power, prosperity, protection, purification, to keep secrets, strength, success, virility.
Other: A Druid holy tree, the Oak was the king of trees in a grove. Connected with the Dagda, Herne, Zeus, Hecate, Pan, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwyn, Cernnunnos. A Native American tree. Associated with the Thunder gods of many cultures due to the fact it attracts lightning more than other trees. Midsummer fire is Oak, and the needfire usually kindled in a Oak log. Believed to provide safety to the Faery Folk.
Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Samhain, Lughnassadh, Midsummer.
OAKMOSS: Evernia prunastri.
Jupiter/Moon, Earth/Water.
Origin: A lichen that grows mostly on Oak trees in Europe and N. America.
Part Used: Whole plant, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, divination exorcism, hex-breaking, inspiration, prosperity, widsom.
Other: Used as a fixative. To invoke the elementals.
OLIVE: Olea europaea.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
AKA: Sweet oil.
Origin: Native to Asia Minor and Syria. Cultivated in Mediterranean region, Chili, Peru and southern Australia. Very long lived tree.
Part Used: Oil.
Uses: Annointing, fertility, healing, luck, lust, peace, potency, protection.
Other: Excellent base to distill other essences. Sacred to Minerva, goddess of wisdom.
ORANGE: Citrus sinesis, Citrus species.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: India and China.
Part Used: Peel, flowers, essential oil.
Uses: Balancing, beauty, divination, fertility, happiness, healing, love, luck, peace, prosperity, purification, weddings.
Other: Use flowers in love incenses. Signifies a long, happy marriage. Chinese symbol of luck and prosperity.
ORRIS: Iris florentina.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth.
AKA: Yellow Flag Iris.
Origin: Eastern Mediterranean area, northern India and N. Africa.
Part Used: Root.
Uses: Creativity, divination, exorcism, to stop gossip, hex-breaking, love, protection.
Other: Used as a fixative. Sacred to Hera.
Sabbat: Mabon.

PANSY: Viola tricolor, V. species.
Feminine, Saturn, Water.
Uses: Love, rain magick.
PARSLEY: Petroselinum crispum.
Masculine, Venus/Saturn, Air/Earth.
Origin: Native of eastern Mediterranean regions (especially Greece), Turkey, Algeria and Lebanon. Brought to Britain during the 1600's. Over 40 species.
Part Used: Leaves, root, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, death, divination, fertility, happiness, lust, meditation, protection, psychic, purification, reincarnation.
Other: In middles ages it was thought that to transplant Parsley would bring disaster to the house. Symbol of death in ancient Greece and Rome.
PASSIONFLOWER: Passiflora incarnata, P. species.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Native to American tropics.
Part Used: Flower.
Uses: Blessings, friends, passion, peace, sleep.
Sabbat: Mabon.
PATCHOULI: Pogostemon cablin, P. patchouli.
Feminine, Saturn/Venus, Earth.
Origin: Native to E. and W. Indies, Paraguay, tropical Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Banishing, clairvoyance, commanding, creativity, divination, exorcism, fertility, happiness, hex-breaking, love, lust, memory, physical energy, peace (in home), prosperity, protection, release.
Other: A fixative. A substitute for graveyard dust. To break off love affairs. Power of the Gnomes. The Horned God.
PENNYROYAL: Mentha pulegium.
Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Air.
Origin: Native of Europe and Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: To aid business deals, endings, love, peace, protection, purification, release, strength.
Other: CAUTION: Essential oil is highly toxic. American Pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegiodes AKA Squaw Mint) is used the same way as the European
PEONY: Paeonia genus.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: Probably European, later cultivated in Britain.
Part Used: Flowers, root.
Uses: Exorcism, luck, meditation, protection, psychic, sanity.
Other: Seeds once used to protect children from Faery magick.
Sabbat: Ostara.
PEPPER, BLACK: Piper genus.
Masculine, Mars/Sun, Fire.
Origin: Native to southern India, China; later cultivated in the E. and W. Indies, Malay and Siam.
Part Used: Fruit, essential oil.
Uses: Binding, courage, cursing, exorcism, hex-breaking, lust, protection.
Other: Adds piquancy to a relationship. May use Turmeric as a substitute.
PEPPERMINT: Mentha piperita.
Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Fire/Air.
Origin: Native to Japan, China and Egypt.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, balancing, consecration, prophetic dreams, ecology, endings, excitement, changes, happiness, healing, hexing, justice, love, luck, lust, mental, partnership, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, release, renewal, sleep, visions.
Other: Used to raise vibrations. Laws of Karma.
PINE: Pinus genus.
Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Air/Earth.
Origin: Many species widespread.
Part Used: Needles, cones, wood, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, annointing, binding, clairvoyance, cleansing, compassion, consecration, divination, exorcism, fertility, grounding, healing, hex-breaking, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, strength.
Other: Burned in winter to purify. Sacred to the Druids; one of the 7 chieftan trees of the Irish. Amerindian tree. Used to cleanse the aura.
Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Midsummer.
POKEWEED: Phytolacca americana.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
AKA: Poke Root, Inkberry.
Part Used: Root, berries.
Uses: Courage, hex-breaking.
Other: Use at New Moon to break curses. CAUTION: Poisonous!
POPLAR: Populus tremuloids.
Feminine, Saturn, Water.
AKA: Aspen.
Origin: Over 35 species of trees in N. America and Canada. Does not grow well in Britain.
Part Used: Leaves, wood, resinous buds.
Uses: Astral projection, prosperity.
Other: Two species do not have resinous buds - they are the Bigtooth Aspen and the Quaking Aspen. Another species (P. balsamifera) is commonly called Balm of Gilead. Sometimes added to flying ointments.
POPPY: Papaver rhoeas.
Feminine, Moon, Water.
Origin: Asia Minor, China, southeastern Europe.
Part Used: Seeds, seed pods, flowers.
Uses: Clairvoyance, commanding, compassion, divination, dreams, fertility, invisibility, love, luck, peace, prosperity, psychic, sleep.
Other: Used to invoke faeries into dreams, to break love spells. Red Poppy is a symbol of fallen warriors. Sacred to Demeter and Artemis. Alleged to draw large amounts of money fast. CAUTION: Opium Poppy (P. somniferum) is not only illegal, it is toxic. Also, do not ingest Poppy seeds of any kind before undergoing a drug test - you will test positive.

QUASSIA: Picrasma excelsa
AKA: Bitterwood.
Origin: Tree native to Panama, Venezuela, Brazil.
Part Used: Wood.
Uses: Compassion, harmony (in love), protection, release.
Other: Used as an incense base.

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