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Magickal Herb Attributes


ACACIA:Acacia senegal and other species.
Masculine, Sun, Air
Origin: Trees and shrubs scattered over the warmer regions of Australia, Egypt, the Amazon and South America. Acacia senegal is native to tropical Africa, including the upper Nile area.
Part Used: Flowers, essential oil, wood.
Uses: Annointing, divination, inspiration, insure agreements, love, meditation, peace, platonic love, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, wisdom.
Other: Petitions to the Goddess, Sacred fires, Buddhist incense, sacred to Hebrews. Thought to have been used in Christ's crown of thorns. Used to increase power of spells. See Arabic, Gum.
Sabbat: Lughnassadh.
AGRIMONY: Agrimonia eupatoria.
Masculine, Jupiter, Air/Fire.
Origin: Found abundantly throughout Europe, Britain and North America.
Part Used: Leaves, root.
Uses: Banishment, luck, prosperity, protection, to keep secrets, send-back spells.
Other: Once mixed with pounded frogs and human blood as a cure for internal hemorrhaging.
ALLSPICE: Pimenta officinalis.
Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Earth.
Origin: An evergreen tree from the West Indies, Central and South America, mainly Jamaica. Called Allspice because it tastes like a combination of clove, juniper, cinnamon and pepper.
Part Used: Fruit, essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, compassion, courage, determination, fertility, healing, love, luck, physical energy, power, prosperity, renewal.
Other: Said to improve school and job performance due to its ability to aid willpower and concentration.
ALMOND: Prunus amygdalus
Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Air
Origin: Native of warmer areas of Western Asia and North Africa. Later distributed over warm regions of the Old World, espec. the Mediterranean.
Part Used: Nut, oil, wood.
Uses: Compassion, fertility, love, lust, prosperity.
Other: Emblem of hope. In Medieval Christianity, it was a symbol of divine approval.
Sabbat: Beltane.
AMARANTH: Amaranthus hypochondriacus and other species.
Femine, Saturn, Fire.
AKA: Cockscomb.
Origin: Native to the tropics of both hemispheres.
Part Used: Leaves and flowers.
Uses: Ancestor contact, invisibility, love, peace.
Other: Sacred to the Horned God. Native American herb.
ANGELICA: Angelica archangelica, over 30 species.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: Believed by some to be a native of Syria; others feel it is from Northern Europe. Found in cool, moist areas of Scotland and Iceland, said to have come to England in the mid 1500's.
Part Used: Root, seeds, essential oil.
Uses: Annointing, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, inspiration, knowledge, love, meditation, prosperity, protection, renewal, success, visions, wisdom.
Other: Used as a fixative. Said to be the most effective plant against evil. Associated with early Norse magick.
Sabbat: Imbolc, Beltane.
ANISE: Pimpinella anisum.
Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air.
Origin: Native of Egypt, Greece and Asia Minor. Spread to central Europe in middle ages.
Part Used: Seed, essential oil.
Uses: Consecration, divination, fertility, love, good luck, happiness, luck (to newlyweds), lust, meditation, mental, to banish nightmares, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification (with Bay), to call spirits, youth.
Other: Not related to Star Anise. Used at Roman wedding feasts. Use with Bay for purification. Used in dream pillows.
APPLE: Pyrus species.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Native to temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere.
Part Used: Fruit, flower, wood.
Uses: Binding, divination, happiness, healing, immortality, longevity, love (blossoms), peace wisdom.
Other: Used to confer the wisdom of Aphrodite. Unicorns. Cider is a substitute for blood in rites. Said to be the passport to the Otherworlds; a food of the Sidhe Folk and burned as an offering to them. A Druid sacred tree. Symbolizes choices.
Sabbat: Samhain, Beltane (blossom).
ARABIC, GUM: Acacia vera, A. arabica.
Masculine, Sun, Air.
Origin: See Acacia.
Part Used: Resinous gum.
Uses: High vibrations, protection, purification, spirituality. See Acacia.
ASAFOETIDA: Ferula foetide.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
AKA: Devil's Dung.
Origin: Originally from Afghanistan, Persia and southwestern Asia.
Part Used: Root, leaves.
Uses: Exorcism, purification, protection.
Other: Has fallen out of use due to its particularly horrible odor. Use with care - better yet, substitute a better-smelling herb.
ASH: Fraxinus excelsion, F. americana.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: Common in Britain. Tall trees to shrubs, native to north temperate zones - N. America, Europe and Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, wood.
Uses: Healing, love, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection.
Other: A Druid sacred tree. Druid wands were often made of Ash. Sacred to the peoples of Scandinavia and Germany. Yggdrasill, a representation of the cosmos, was an Ash tree. Indicates linking of inner and outer worlds. Useful for absorbing sickness. Used in spells requiring focus.
Sabbat: Yule, Beltane.
ASPEN: Populus species. (See Poplar).
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Part Used: Leaves, wood.
Uses: Anti-theft, eloquence.
Other: Helps in past-life regression and recall.

BALM OF GILEAD: Commiphora opobalsamum.
Femine, Venus/Jupiter, Water/Fire.
Origin: Native to countries around the Red Sea.
Part Used: Buds.
Uses: Healing, inspiration, knowledge, love, manifestations, protection, strength, virility, wisdom.
Other: The true Balm of Gilead is a rare desert shrub; other plants share the name: 1. Cedronella canariensis, C. triphylla. A shrub with leaves that smell like lemon and coriander. 2. Abies balsamea. AKA Balsam Fir, which grows in eastern North America. Its leaves smell like spicy strawberries. 3. Populus balsamifera. A specia of Poplar. Its sticky buds have a heady aroma and are used in healing incenses, for protection and to mend a broken heart.
Sabbat: Mabon.
BALSAM OF PERU: Myroxylon balsamum.
Origin: A tree native to Cental America (but not Peru.)
Part Used: Resin, essential oil.
Uses: Exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, prosperity, visions.
Other: Used as a fixative in incenses and potpourris. Balsam of Tolu: M. toluiferum is another variety, used as a hexbreaker, for success and meditation.
BANANA:Musa sapientum, various species.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: A tropical tree, some species have berries.
Part Used: Fruit
Uses: Fertility, potency (as a cure for impotency), prosperity.
BASIL: Ocium basilicum.
Masculine, Mars/Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Native to India. Other varieties found in W. Africa, India, Japan, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Anti-theft, business success, confidence, exorcism, fidelity, happiness, hex- breaking, love, luck to new home (if a gift), mental, peace, prosperity, protection, purification.
Other: Associated with dragons, salamanders and other fire beings. A Druid sacred herb. Use during meditation and ritual to regenerate yourself. Sacred to Vishnu and Krishna. Used to protect the dead from evil and to offer them entrance into the Summerland. Sacred to Haitian goddess of love, Erzulie.
Sabbat: Midsummer, Imbolc.
BAY: Laurus nobilis.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
AKA: Laurel, Bay Laurel.
Origin: Native to Mediterranean. Grows in Britain, but is a small tree; much larger in warmer climates.
Part Used: Leaves, wood, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, concentration, consecration, divination, endings, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking (with Sandalwood), inspiration, justice, knowledge, love, luck, lust, meditation, memory, peace, physical strength, power, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification (excellent), release, transformation, victory, wisdom, wishes.
Other: Symbol of glory and reward, leaves were woven into victory wreaths. The death of a Bay tree was considered a bad omen.
Sabbat: Yule, Imbolc.
BEEBALM: Monarda didyma.
Sun, Fire.
AKA: Bergamot (not to be confused with Orange Bergamot), Oswego Tea.
Origin: Indigenous to N. America.
Part Used: Leaves, flower.
Uses: Love, lust, protection, success.
BENZOIN: Styrax benzoin.
Masculine, Sun/Venus, Air.
Origin: Tree native to E. Indies, China, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka.
Part Used: Resin, tincture, essential oil.
Uses: Astral projection, banishment, to attract customers (with Cinnamon and Basil), exorcism, inspiration, knowledge, love (with Sandalwood and Rose), memory, peace, power (mental and personal), protection, purification, spell- breaking, visions, wisdom.
Other: Used as a base for incense, and as a fixative for oils, incense, and potpourris.
Sabbat: Imbolc, Mabon.
BERGAMOT, ORANGE: Mentha citrata.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Origin: Citrus tree native to Italy.
Part Used: Essential oil from fruit peel.
Uses: Prosperity, Protection (physical as well as psychic), success.
BETONY, WOOD: Betonica officinalis, Stachys officinalis.
Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Found throughout Britain, rarely in Scotland. Grows in woods and copses, sometimes on heaths and moors.
Part Used: Leaves and flowers.
Uses: Banishment, consecration, love, to banish nightmares, healing (wounded animals), protection, purification, release.
Other: Has a long history as a protective herb. Balefires.
Sabbat: Midsummer.
BIRCH: Betula species.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Ancient tree found all over Europe, N. America and northern Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, bark, essential oil, wood.
Uses: Exorcism, love, new beginnings, protection, purification.
Other: Symbol of the return of spring. Sacred to the Druids. Also known as Lady of the Woods. Dedicated to Thor. Is used as a substitute for Pine in incenses.
BLACKBERRY: Rubus villosus.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
AKA: Bramble.
Origin: Common everywhere.
Part Used: Leaves, possibly dried fruit and wood from the cane.
Uses: Animal healing, healing, prosperity, protection.
Other: Used in invocations to Brigid.
Sabbat: Lughnassadh, Imbolc.
BORAGE: Borago officinalus.
Masculine, Jupiter, Air.
Origin: Hardy annual plant native to Europe, Asia Minor and Africa, long naturalized in Britain.
Part Used: Flower, oil.
Uses: Courage, happiness, psychic powers, sanity.
Other: Celtic warriors drank borage tea to give them courage. May emit sparks and popping noises when burned.
BROOM: Cutisus scoparius.
Masculine, Mars, Air.
Origin: Shrub indigenous to England, grows wild in temperate Europe, northern Asia and North America on sandy fields and heath.
Part Used: Leaves and stem.
Uses: Clairvoyant, exorcism, love, protection, purification.
Other: A Druid sacred tree. It can be substituted for furze (gorse) at Spring Equinox. Weather magick. CAUTION: POISONOUS!
Sabbat: Ostara, Samhain.
BURDOCK: Arctium lappa.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth.
Origin: Found throughout Europe, Asia and N. America. Rare in Scotland.
Part Used: Root, sometimes leaves, seeds.
Uses: Animals, compassion, consecration, exorcism, hex-breaking, love, protection, purification.

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