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Links to Pagan, Celtic, New Age

and other music mp3's to download.

Here we have listed some of our favorite MP3 sites....all have music that you can download, as well as cd's that you can purchase. We think this is beautiful music by some excellent artists. Be sure to check out the artists' websites,'ll find their links with their music.

If you know of any pagan mp3 sites that you think we should add, please let us know and we'll go check it out.

***NOTE***Changes at canít download any music from at the moment. They are informing everyone that they are undergoing significant changes, and that this is only temporary. Because of the unavailability of music downloads, we have furnished alternate website addys (when we could find them.) The artistsí websites may or may not have downloadable music.

Emerald Rose -- Celtic Music, Celtic Magic ...Definitely Celtic. This dynamic group has a good time making some great music. One of our favorites. Alternate websites: or

Trio Nocturna ...Celtic, Goth and a bit of New Age. Beautiful, moving music.
Alternate websites: or or

Green Crown ...Celtic, Folk, Pagan. Be sure to listen to "Witch's Reel.
Alternate website:

Dreamweaver ...Native American flute and drum music, New Age and mood music. Excellent.

Music for the Goddess ...Spiritual Rock. Mostly pagan-oriented music....very good.
Alternate website:

Moonstruck...Excellent group, excellent music. Alternate websites:, or

Elan Michaels ...Native American flute and drums, and some New Age. Instrumentals. *Natural healing music in the spirit of native America.* Alternate websites: or

Elven ...Celtic instrumentals. Beautiful music.

Inkubus Sukkubus ...Some really cool Goth Rock, Vampyre music and a little bit of Pagan.
Alternate websites: or

Gypsy Soul ...Not really Celtic, but almost. Beautiful music, beautiful vocals.
Alternate websites: or or

Voice of Golden Eagle...Native American music with a new sound.
Alternate website:

Alexian ...Pagan Pop music...check it out.

Ephemerid ...World Fusion, Electronica, New Age. This group has an unusual sound....intriguing. Be sure to check out Ephemerid's other site, Morpheus, for a collection of music by some other fine artists.
Alternate websites for Ephemerid: or

Other Sites with Downloadable Music


Sound Click

Vitaminic Music Club

Miscellaneous Music Links

MP3 to Wav Decoder ...Great little freeware program for converting mp3's to wav files.

Witches Voice ...A comprehensive list of pagan artists and their homepages. You'll find some downloadable mp3's if you look. ...Many websites of different artists listed by category. Many have downloadable mp3 files.

International Online Pagan Artist Network ...Lots of pagan music sites here.

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