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Pagan Sites

Lady Dracena's Palace ---A growing site for the solitary Wiccan, well laid out with good info on spell and ritual construction, magick, deities. Nice site.

Fuzzypeg's Home Page ---Great name, this site has some excellent and hard to find information on the elements, kameas, as well as unusual fonts to download.

Lady Zandra's Wiccan Realm---A well-designed site with good basic information on Wicca and magick.

Socity of Celtic Shamans---A wonderful page with much information. A course in shamanism is offered, and a whole lot more. A must-see site.

Ladysprite's - FourMagick---A beautiful, sensitive pagan site. A good place to visit.

Celestial Tidings Astrology---Lots of excellent information on astrology, plus reasonably priced astrological reports.

The Blue Rose---Yet another good site to visit. Not as pagan as most, but a lot of good information here.

Eggers Paralegal---A site providing professional and affordable legal document preparation to pagans.

Inspiration 2day---Primarily a Christian page, but worth a visit. Coming in March there will be a quotes page....we had a preview. It's great.

The Blessed Bee---Not only a store with goodies for pagans, but there's so much more here. Pagan humor, links, library, events and more. Check it out.

---A home-based company selling all natural bath salts, loose incense and oils for ritual and everyday purposes.

CraftWeb---Free web hosting for Witch/Pagan/Wiccan web sites.

Mystik Garden---A wonderful little pagan-gothic-mystical store selling incense and oils, ritual items, jewelry, clothing and much more.

Ambermoon Witch of Solstice---A beautiful, well-designed site with lots of good, sensible information. We recommend it highly.

Healing Hands---A beautiful site, Healing Hands teaches a meditation class as well as classes in various types of New Age healing. Highly recommended.

The Lightwork Centre---For readings, workshops, channelled information, and healings, this is the place to go. We took advantage of the free aura cleansings offered on this site....this lady is GOOD. Visit her site....there is a LOT of good stuff there.

Auction Witch---A pagan EBay....if you're looking to buy or sell something magickal, this is the place to go.

Pagan Organizations and E-zines

PagaNet News---A news organization for pagans. Articles on pagan parenting, controversial issues, herbalism, and a whole lot more.

The Witches' Voice ---As the name says, the Witch's Voice - many news and educational articles of interest here. A wonderful site.

The Open Hearth Foundation ---A new nonprofit organization dedicated to providing gathering space and resources for Pagans.

Alchemy---A new e-zine that features websites that cover alternate belief systems. Looks like a good one.

The Merry Times---A Vancouver pagan webzine, still in progress, but worth a look. Good information here.

IAmAWitch---A cool links site, with search engine and a lot of other neat stuff.

Occult Seek---A guide to the best occult sites on the net. Check it out!

OmPlace---Conscious living directory, alternative yellow pages, alternative news for healing arts, spirit, environment and more.

Pagan Finder---A free tool designed for the purpose of discretely meeting and communicating with other Pagans.

Renaissance Inn and Tavern---Advanced free form role play, medieval themed, mature adult or XXX play.

Waters of the Mages---A community for the study of paths and enlightenment.

Serenity Circle---Serenity Circle is a group of psychics, readers, and healers....check here for schedule.

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