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Protection Page 2

The Mirror Ball
by Dreoilin

Unfortunately, when one begins to study the Occult in any capacity, one also begins to attract some unwelcome types of attention...Especially if one seems to be getting anywhere...This attention can run the gamut of the poisonous ill-wishes of the local Religious Right to outright astral attacks by spiritually stunted fellow practitioners. This sort of thing can be disorienting, disheartening and downright distracting. And it is not to be tolerated.

Now, we at Ambrosia do not espouse the use of offensive action of any kind. We do, however, espouse (and strongly advise) having a really kick-ass defense. Reinforced regularly with the proper intent...and providing you are not sending out any nasty vibrations of your own...this Spell can virtually guarantee your home remains the peaceful, power-filled haven it ought to be and you remain free to focus all your energies on the study of your Self.

Begin the Spell by determining the perimeter of the area you intend to defend, then put yourself there on the astral. (You may also, of course, enact the Spell physically if you are not worried that your actions will arouse the unwanted curiosity of neighbors or passersby.)

Calm and center yourself, do whatever you do to gather your energies and then, when you are ready, visualize one of those wonderful 1970's disco Mirror Balls rising up and closing around the area, engulfing it completely. Mirrors are marvelous for returning all sorts of things that don't belong to you to whomever they came from. Make sure your Mirror Ball is as big and bold and bright and shiny as it can possibly be. You want this thing to be seen. It will serve as Fair Warning to anyone out there entertaining the idea of sending something unpleasant your way.

After the Mirror Ball is in place, seamless and secure, walk the perimeter of its interior walls three times in complete deosil circles, stopping three times at three different points in each round to face the Universe beyond your bright new walls and recite very firmly and decisively:

*Three times Three
Send naught to me
For what is not mine
returns to Thee
Grown thrice in bane
So mote it be*

Yes, you are invoking the Threefold Law of Return and, yes, it is harsh. But it is our opinion that those who would waste their time (and yours) sending out negative thoughts (or worse) for somebody else to have to deal with should not be coddled. Besides, the Mirror Ball should have served as sufficient warning. If they chose to ignore it, you can't be expected to worry about them. If their astral vision is so poor that they didn't even see it, then they could use the wake up call.

*One word of caution: This is a very potent Spell. And if you are going to be so bold as to invoke the Threefold Law on the heads of others, you had best be very, very certain you are not sending anything out yourself. That means no nasty-thoughts, no ill-wishes, no rotten vibes of any kind. The backlash of invoking the Law on one hand while breaking it on the other would be extremely destructive.

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