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Quick Protection Sphere
by Dreoilin

First be warned, this is not...repeat not...a ritual circle. Ambrosia cannot and will not advocate shortcuts when it comes to ritual work. We do, however, like a quickie spell or two when appropriate (or necessary). This one is great for casting fast, versatile and yes, even mobile protection around anything...And, believe us, we do mean anything. We recommend you use it liberally and often in whatever colors strike your fancy. Enjoy!

Begin by visualizing the top half of your sphere coming down from the Heavens to contain whatever it is that you are shielding.

'The Lord Above'
Then visualize the bottom half coming out of the ground to meet the top half and form a perfect sphere.
'The Lady Below'
Now visualize your watchtowers in their respective places around you.
'And 'round about the guardians go'
'Outside this sphere all ill is bound'
'Where the true witch stands'
'Is sacred ground.'

Cloaking Spell
by Dreoilin

This spell is specifically meant for protection of the Astral Self. It can be used in conjunction with the Protection Sphere to provide complete safety during sleep or astral work of any kind. It's also great as a precaution if you have the unfortunate tendency like many of us here at Ambrosia, of accidently falling asleep during meditation.

'I cannot be seen'
'I cannot be felt'
'I cannot be heard'
'I cannot be smelt'
'By any that seek'
'Whose intentions are ill'
'Cloaked as I am'
'In the force of my will.'
'I am protected from spelling'
'Ill-wishes and harm'
'No evil comes closer'
'Than the reach of my arm'
'I walk undetected'
'For only those of white light to see'
'And as I have spoken'
'So now shall it be.'

*Change the *I* to *You* and you can cloak children, pets, family and friends you find susceptible to unprotected *wanderings*....Just be certain you aren't crossing that oh-so-thin line into manipulation when you do it.

Vehicle Protection Spell
by Emer

Near my home is a stretch of road the locals call *Chipmunk Alley.* I think most of the chipmunks and squirrels in this part of the world live, and die, on this stretch of road. Well, I got tired of running over the little darlings with my truck and asked for help. I was given this spell to protect, not only those I might hit with my truck, but my truck and its passengers, as well. Not very fancy, but seems to work.

I usually start this spell after I start my truck, as it seems to gain power from the truck's engine, too.

I have used the word *vehicle* in the spell, but you may want to substitute car, truck, motorcycle, boat, whatever you're in at the time.

'Surrounding this vehicle is a shield of white,'
Visualize this sphere surrounding your vehicle.
'And a shield of blue.'
Visualize this shield as royal blue in color, and closely surrounding and permeating your vehicle, you and any passengers.
'Together these shields will protect this vehicle and its occupants from all harm and mechanical breakdown.'
'These shields will protect from harm any that come near this vehicle, especially the four-leggeds and the winged ones.'
'These shields will remain intact and at full strength until this vehicle returns home.'
'As I have spoken, so mote it be.'

I have found on occasion, and only with this particular spell, the white shield will have a different feel or *texture* to it. Sometimes it seems to be rather rubbery; other times softer; sometimes close to my truck, sometimes quite large. If this happens, don't force anything - just go with the flow. There is a reason this is happening; and as long as the shields are still effective, let it be.

Ball of Light Cleansing and Protection
by Emer

I've found that, no matter how well you shield your home, the astral nasties can still gain entrance. They may be invited in by children and pets, or subconsciously by adult family members. Negative thinking can invite and even create unwanted energies. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

This sphere of light saturates an area and eliminates the *space* for the negativity to exist. It is good for cleansing and protecting anything - house, car, object, your aura, yourself.

How to:

Imagine a ball of sparkling white light somewhere in the center of your home. See energy pouring into this ball until it becomes blindingly bright and powerful.

Now allow it to slowly grow, filling your home with white light. Know that this light is cleansing and banishing all negative energy it touches.

See it grow until it spreads through the walls to the outside, completely encompassing and saturating your home with white light.

See it form a permanent, yet *solid* sphere of protection around and throughout your home.


1999 Ambrosia. All Rights Reserved. You may copy this text for your own personal use or for your personal web pages; however, you may not sell or otherwise use part or all for commercial or monetary gain without written consent from the author. This copyright notice must remain attached to any copy of this text.

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