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aka Things That Go Bump in the Night.
by Emer

When you shield your house for protection, do you know for sure if your shields are working?

I like to astrally check my protective shields periodically - this makes for some rather interesting experiences.

How to do this:

Prepare for your journey by protecting yourself. The cloaking spell is good, for you will not only create a protective shield about you; but you will be invisible to any who may wish you harm.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, as you would normally do for astral projection or meditation. Get quiet and centered. Now, see yourself standing in front of a door or window in your house, still inside your house. See this exit in all it's detail, using all your senses. When you feel you're ready, open this door/window and step outside. Have a place in mind that you want to go. I never know where I'll end up, other than outside, unless I have a particular place to be in mind.

Now that you're outside, look around. See your shield around your house, strengthen or repair it if necessary. Seal all entryways in whatever way works best for you. I like to burn in a silver banishing pentagram.

Look around some more and don't anticipate seeing anything in particular. Just be open to what you might see. Oftentimes I find nothing unusual. Sometimes I find odd little beings of all varieties testing my shields; I assume trying to gain entrance. Remember when I spoke of repairing your shields? These odd beings can weaken an area of your shield and this should be repaired. It is an energy drain.

I use my instincts as to whether these beings are good, bad or just a nuisance. Beings of white light will not be effected by your shields as you're not trying to keep them out anyway. The nightbumpers are a different story. Some I've just let be - they mean no real harm. Others I've had to chase off. I'm sure there's many methods to do this, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Grow. Sometimes size make a difference and the nightbumper will run if it sees how big you are. If it grows big, you just grow bigger.

2. Simply tell it to go away. Sometimes this is all that's needed.

3. Once I was told to put a second shield around my house. This one was bright red and scared the little critter off.

4. Wrap him/her/it in a sheet of glowing white light, then send the bundle off to let the universe help it evolve to its next level. Do this without malice. This is a last resort and usually reserved for the really nasty ones.

Rely on your instincts as to what to do. You may speak to it if you want; sometimes they will answer.

One important thing to remember: The night bumpers usually mean no harm; they're attracted to your energy and/or the energy of your shields. Don't be angry with them and never harm them.

Now for the word of warning: If you come across something truly evil, don't tangle with it if you're not prepared. Strengthen your shields and find someone more experienced than you to check it out. Don't be paranoid about it, for your fear is something it will feed upon. Most times a good strong shield is all that's necessary, and is your first and best line of defense.

Things are not always what they appear to be. When you confront a nightbumper, it will usually show its true self. While checking out my daughter's house, at her request; I found a rather benevolent-looking fellow in her infant son's bedroom. When I approached it, it turned into a really ugly nasty thing that hissed at me. I had a terrible time bundling it up and sending it out of the house. It hissed at me the entire time. The lesson here - trust what you see and that you are seeing it; but don't automatically trust that the nightbumper is showing you its true self. Use your instincts.

The universe is teeming with life, some of it not so good. Just because it exists, doesn't mean it's after you.

Now for the inside of your home.

Okay, you've got strong shields around your house to keep out the nasties. But what about the day your spouse comes home griping and complaining about a rotten day a work? Negativity all over the place.

When I view the inside of my house, I see this negativity as a black fog (this is the recent stuff) and dirty black slime dripping down the walls and encrusted in the corners if it's been there for awhile.

Time for the old astral Hoover. You've probably heard of this method before; and there's lots of others; but this one works best for me. It also gives me the advantage of being able to *see.*

I picture a glowing white screen a few feet below the lowest part of my house, the basement. I slowly raise this screen evenly; and as I do this it collects all the black crud of negativity. As I raise the screen, I check all the rooms at the level of the screen. When the screen finally exits the top of the house, I bundle it all up and tie it with a gold cord. I ask that the universe accept this and assist it to rise to its next highest level of evolution. I give thanks for this. Done.

Now for the *seeing* part. The light beings in my house are not affected by the screen, which is as it is to be. But I can see the negativity in my house and know where the problems are. If someone in your household is carrying around a lot of emotional baggage, you will probably find black fog or slime in the area of the house they spend the most time in.

I have found while looking around during the cleansing process, an ocassional night bumper in my house. How they can enter through my shields is beyond me. One theory is they are invited in by other family members; this includes the four-legged members of the household.

Another theory. Things have more than one plane of existence and, perhaps there is an overlapping. The nightbumpers did not pass through my shields; they just happen to be in the same place as my house.

Now that I've got you sufficiently paranoid....

There are many beings in our universe, many good, some not so good. Most are probably not even aware of us unless we travel on their plane of existence, just as we are not aware of them. Dogs and cats often see things we don't. Dogs get all goofy-acting; but cats, knowing what goes on, usually just stay cool.

I enjoy cruising around my house at night; I never know what I'll find. Try it; it's a good way to meet your astral neighbors.

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