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Colors for the Sabbats

by Emer

[Candlemas] - Feb. 2

Earth Mother stirs in her sleep, preparing for spring. First of the spring festivals. Colors are soft, airy, pastel - white, lavender.


[Spring Equinox] - about March 21

Spring and the second spring festival. Pale, light colors - green, yellow, pink, white.


May 1

Third spring rite. The growing season. Light colors - greens, blues, yellow, pink. Traditional is red and white to symbolize a woman's blood when she loses her virginity. Other traditional colors are white and green to symbolize the end of winter and the beginning of summer.


[Summer Solstice, Litha] - about June 20

The God is at his peak. This is the longest day; the Sun begins to wane now. Strong, robust summer colors - greens, reds, yellow or gold.


[Lammas] - August 1

First of three harvest festivals. Earthy colors - yellows, browns, gray and gold.


[Autumn Equinox] - about September 20

Second harvest rite. Earthy colors, but deeper - golds, orange, browns and red.


October 31

The darkness before the birth of the light (the God) at Yule. The last harvest rite. Black and orange.


[Winter Solstice] - about December 25

The birth of the sun (God.) The shortest day of the year; the sun begins to wax now. Festive colors of red, green, silver, gold and white.


The Colors of the Goddess

White - the Maiden, new moon, waxing moon.

Red - the Mother, full moon. (White is often used to represent the full moon.

Black - the Crone, dark moon, waning moon.


The Colors of the God

Gold - the Son

Green - the Father

Black - the Sage

Note: I have found very little information on the stages of the God, and all of it differing. This is what works for me. Feel free to use other colors if you want.

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