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Color Correspondences

by Emer

Element: Air. A mental color. Mental clarity, accuracy. To obtain knowledge, concentration, focus, memory, imagination and creativity, inspiration, persuasion, attraction and breaking down of mental blocks. Mercury energy.

Solar energy, the God. To attract money (you must earn it), to expedite money coming to you but not here yet. Masculine energy and power. Fast luck. Honors and fame. Rich, deep (but not bright) yellow may be used if you don't have gold.

Prosperity (lasting), success and good luck, stamina. Business success. Fun.

Actually a dark orange. Earth energy. Animals, elementals. As with orange, use to attract prosperity and business success.

Happiness, joy, harmony. To *lighten* a mood.

Fire element. Mars energy. A physical color. Health, strength, virility, courage, passion, and to increase magnetism.

Love, friendship, romance, emotional and spiritual healing, affections.

A high Vibrational color. Fast action, to change luck. Use with other colors to quicken their action.

Expansion in all areas - spiritual and mundane. Knowledge of higher realms, spirituality, wisdom, protection, spirit contact, divination, psychic abilities, hidden knowledge, meditation. Control of energies, magick.

Meditation, psychic abilities, subconscious. Use to stop situations or people, or to stop another's magick.

Water element, the emotions. Healing, peace, calm, understanding, harmony and spiritual inspiration.

Light Blue
More spiritual than blue due to addition of white. Peace, oneness and understanding, gentleness.

A combination of green and blue and possessing qualities of both. Healing, peace, gentle growth. Transformation.

Earth element, Earth Mother. Stability, fertility, money and prosperity (quick to come, quick to go, often unearned), growth, luck, healing (do not use where you do not want growth, as with a tumor.) Faeries and plants (communication with and magick,) abundance.

Color of spirituality. Raises vibrations, repels negative energies. Emotional healing, balancing, contact with spirit guides, wholeness, purity, truth. Balance of all colors (contains all colors.) May be substituted for any other color.

Lunar energy, the Goddess. Use to develop psychic abilities, intuition. A very light grey may be used if you don't have silver.

Neutral color. Use to neutralize negative or unwanted energy in a passive, non-destructive fashion. Both absorbs and repels.

Represents all colors. Protective, binding and repelling. To end an unwanted situation, thoughts or magick. The subconscious.


Note: You'll notice that I've listed both black and white as containing or representing all colors. Here's why:

In light, white is made up of all the colors of light, while black is the absence of light.

In pigment or paint, white is the absence of color. But if you mix all the colors together, theoretically you'll get black.


When white is added to a color, it raises the vibrations of that color. For instance---Red is a passionate, lustful color. Add white and you get pink. Pink is a higher expression of red, producing romantic love and affection. White also seems to add gentleness to a color.

Adding grey subdues the action of the color.

Black does the same, but also darkens it (obviously.) For instance--- Blue is calm and peaceful, but a dark dull blue is almost tranquilizing.


As with any magickal working, use your intuition when it comes to choosing the right color. If you feel a color I have listed here is not right for what you want to do, change it.

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