Cleansing Rituals

by Emer

Some things to think about before we begin.

1. Everything is energy. Humans, animals, minerals, plants, thoughts, emotions --- all of it. Energy.

2. When energy impacts an environment, it changes it. For good or bad --- it will change it.

3. Everything has a spirit (consciousness.)

4. You are part of everything else. What affects one part, affects all other parts.

5. Like attracts like.

6. Cleansing is healing.

From the above, you should be able to understand the importance of cleansing the energy fields that make up you and your environment.

Although we might not always be able to sense an energy imbalance; we are nevertheless affected by it. Some areas/buildings feel comfortable to us, while others may make us feel edgy, depressed or anxious to get out. After there has been a heated argument in a room, the atmosphere may feel heavy and dismal. You may even begin to feel irritable yourself. This negative evergy, if allowed to exist and even grow (like attracts like), can adversely affect all the inhabitants in that area. In your house, it can even make you, your family, your pets and your plants sick. It will actually make your house sick. Animals are especially vulnerable as they act as buffers for us, and will absorb this negativity until they get physically sick.

There, I've said my piece about the importance of cleansing your environment/home.

When we cleanse, we're replacing undesirable energy (aka negativity) with desirable or positive energy.

Anything can be cleansed and probably should be from time to time. Your car, house, yard, farm, things, your aura. Anything.

If you do a cleansing ritual or procedure with anger or fear of the negativity you are trying to release, you will only exchange one kind of negativity for another. You gain nothing.

Always enter into any cleansing process with an attitude of love. Negative energy is not bad or evil; it is simply energy that does not sustain you. Nothing is inherently evil --- it is our judgement of it that labels something good or bad.

Now for a method. I will discuss one of the ones I use for I can speak from experience on these, although there are many other methods to achieve the same end. Use what works for you.


Smudging, (passing through smoke,) is an ancient method of cleansing that works quite well. I've used it to cleanse my house, and it's very good for smaller items and for cleansing your aura.

When smudging a room, work in one direction, spiralling to the center. Which direction you use is up to you - try both. Counter clockwise is usually considered banishing; clockwise is invoking.

I usually use Ceremonial White Sage, but garden sage works equally well. Pinon Pine, if you can get it, is super. Pine, of any kind, is generally thought to bring in desirable positive energy; while the sages are more for banishing the negative. Both can be used during the same smudging ritual.

You can use powdered sage or pine on charcoal, or a smudge stick. I prefer a small wad of the leaves. Carry a heatproof container (ashtray) in your left hand; the smudge in your right.

For a room, try to start near, but not in front of the door, sweeping the smoke into all corners; up to the ceiling and down to the floor. If you use leaves or a smudge stick, knock the ashes off often, so you won't catch anything on fire. It's a good idea to keep a container of water close by, just in case.

Repeat the following, if you wish, during the smudging:

***From the Element of Fire
Comes this smoke, which is Air.
From the Element of Earth
Grows this plant, which is Water.
I call upon the Elements and the Blessings of Spirit
To please cleanse this (area, space, being, etc.)
For the good of all.***

Continue til every inch of the area has been touched by the smoke and you feel that you're done.

As with any magickal rite, intent and visualization are important. Visualizing the movement of energy adds a lot of power to the cleansing procedure.

See also *Ball of Light Cleansing and Protection* on our Protection page.

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Recommended Reading

Anything by Machaelle Small Wright

This wise and wonderful woman has developed, with the guidance of the nature spirits, processes for complete cleansing of home and garden. She also teaches how to communicate with the nature beings and working with nature. She operates a nature research center called Perelandra and carries a full line of flower essences she has developed. I highly recommend all of her books, although they are rather scientific. The energy processes are found in the Garden Workbooks.

Perelandra, Ltd.
PO Box 3603
Warrenton, VA 20188

*Sacred Space* by Denise Linn

This book has many rituals and processes for ridding your home of undesired energies and bringing in the light. An excellent book.

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