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Choosing a Magick Name

by Emer

There's nothing mysterious about choosing a magick name for yourself, but it can be rather difficult. Especially, the first time. Believe me. I had a terrible time choosing my name the first time. After I quit trying so hard, it came to me quite easily.

A magick name is, to some degree, kept secret. You may even want to have two names. The first will be the name you tell only to those of like belief. The other would be the name you use in your magickal rites; known only to you and the deities, and maybe to those in your coven.

Your magick name is special. Unlike the name your parents gave you, it fits who you really are right now, in this particular stage of your life. You should feel comfortable with this name.

Now the hard part - finding that special name. Some ideas:

1. Look at the mineral, plant and animal communities. Do you feel a kinship with a particular animal or mythical being? Perhaps a crystal or rock? A plant, herb or tree?

2. Weather words - wind, mist, storm, etc. Planets - moon is a popular name, but there are other words for moon, ie. Luna.

3. If your favorite animal is a skunk, but you think the name *Lord Skunk* just doesn't get it; try another language. If you're following a Celtic path, look in a Gaelic dictionary for *skunk.* In another language it might sound pretty good.

4. Deities. Get a list of the deities of your pantheon. Read over this list and see if there's a particular name that stands out from the rest. Read about that deity and see if the description fits you. Note: when *borrowing* a name from a goddess or god, always ask them first. It's a matter of respect.

5. Native American names generally fit any path; ie. Running Deer could be Celtic as well as American.

You can combine names from any of the above catagories. The important thing here is that it fits you. Remember, too, if it doesn't work for you, change it.

Cruise the web - see what names others have chosen - it will give you ideas.

One last thought, ask the Goddess, God, Universe or your guides for help on this. They will help. Know this. The answer will appear in a dream, or a book or in any number of ways. Don't rush it. Know this - you will find the right name for you at the right time.

Good luck in your quest.

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A couple places to check:

*Celtic Myth and Magick* by Edain McCoy.

This book has a good list of Celtic Goddesses and Gods.

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