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The Thinking Witch's Guide
to Moon Phases

by Emer

Everything cycles - there is a time for growth and a time for rest; a time for one thing and a time for its opposite; a breathing in and a breathing out. And what is more obvious in its cycles that our Lady Moon?

So much of the information on moon phases is simply a list of what to do and what not to do at each moon phase, with no room for individual thought.

I am a firm believer in intuition. Inside each of us is a knowing. We are all individuals and what works for one quite often does not work for another.

With that in mind; here is a guide to the moon phases for the thinking witch.

The Dark Moon.

This is the time of silence and hidden things. It is a time to prepare for the coming New Moon. A time to reflect on what was and is; and to prepare for what will be. This is the phase of the Crone and her wisdom. The pause between breaths.

The New Moon.

Birth and beginnings. A time to begin new things that need time to grow. The preparations of the Dark Moon are put into action now. Spells done now can be completed over the full course of the waxing moon. This is the phase of the Maiden.

The Waxing Moon.

Growing from New to Full. A time for growth, expansion, building and gain. Now is the time to make things happen, to draw desired objects and actions to you. To build - prosperity, protection, healing, love, etc. Breathing in, filling up.

The Full Moon.

Culmination, peak action. This phase of brightness is a time to shine light into the darkness - to bring hidden things, knowledge, emotions to light. Peak power. Spells of attraction - love, prosperity, etc. - done now should be completed before the moon starts to wane. This is the phase of the Mother. A pause between breaths, the lungs are filled.

The Waning Moon.

From Full to Dark. Contraction, cleaning out, inward action, releasing. This is a time to relax and reflect, to go within. Spells done now are of a cleansing and banishing nature. Banish now what you don't want in order to make room for what will come to you in the waxing phase. Breathing out.

The Dark Moon.

A return to the phase of the Crone and a time to reflect on what has been and to gain wisdom.

The Blue Moon.

There is usually only one Blue Moon in a year's time, sometimes none, sometimes two. It can be a Full Moon or a Dark/New Moon. A time of unusually high power. A special time. An excellent time for giving your magick an extra boost.

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