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Realm of Knowledge

To Know....

This is the first of the four Universal Laws observed by those who make their life a study of the Occult, whether they prefer to call themselves Pagan, Wiccan, Magickian, Shaman or any other of the myriad names. It is understood that Knowledge is Power. Knowledge of the Self. Knowledge of others. Knowledge of what has been. And Knowledge of what just might be.

We at Ambrosia believe that Knowledge is the only tool any of us really need and that Ignorance is the only Enemy. And so here we invite you to enter a realm where Knowledge is presented in its age-old container.... books. Special books selected from the extensive libraries of our members. We will introduce you to the friends who have helped each of us on our journeys and even give you an easy way to obtain their wisdom for yourself. Some of them are books of Magick. Some of them are books of history, biography, fantasy or myth. All of them are books of Knowledge.

Welcome to the Realm....

On to the Reading Room:

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Do you have a book you would like to tell us about? Or something to add to one we've reviewed? Perhaps see what others are saying. If so, click on our message board here:

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