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In the world where I live...
...there is peace, chaos, love,
pain, joy, serenity, confusion
intellect, naivete, laughter
and thankfully creativity.

My ancient sisters
and brothers danced with
the wind and called the name of
the goddess, which forever
enscribed her echo to resound
in me, and renew in me the
power of the craft.

Magick breathes life into my soul.
Magick: a whirling, spiral
of never-ending energy,

Experience should be
the source of faith...
the words of the greatest
teachers would be tinkling
cymbals without the rich
dark earth of experience...
and we are each responsible
for our own...

I am a child, a woman, a friend
a lover, a searcher, a thread
in the fabric of humanity,
and each thread matters.

Finding the questions
to the answers
is a passion
I cannot escape.

© 2003 Unknown

Celtic knotwork designs used in these backgrounds came from:

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