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Intent and Intuition

by Emer


Intent - the force behind all magick. Intent is when you desire something to manifest. The strength of your desire and your willingness to put your *all* into it has a direct bearing on the outcome. Intent is the single most important ingredient in any magickal working.


Intuition - gut feeling, hunch, esp; whatever you call it, it is also an important part of your magick. (And your mundane life, too, for that matter).

When you are preparing to cast a spell, build a magickal potion, celebrate a sabbat - whatever; and a certain procedure or ingredient just doesn't seem right to you.....change it.

We are all different; each and every one of us is special and unique. Even though something has been used for centuries for a certain purpose, it doesn't mean it will *fit* you. Your magick must be done in the best way for you. If you really feel something needs to be changed, you're probably right.

This doesn't, of course, mean you can haphazardly change things. Think about it, divine the answer, ask you guides, meditate on it, whatever. But think on it. Trust your instincts. Somewhere deep inside of you lie all the answers to all your questions.

A very old and very wise Irish lady once told me, *Spellwork and magickal rites are tools to help you bypass the part of you that does not know, and to access the part of you that does know.*

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