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Learn to Sense Energy

by Emer

We can all sense the energy around us quite well; but many of us are unaware that we can. Have you ever walked into a room right after there was a heated argument in it? You could feel it, couldn't you? It's all a matter of remembering how to do what you've known all along.

Here are some things to try:

1. Visualize energy coming from your hands and forming into a ball. Hold this ball, make it grow, shrink it, stretch it, twist it - play with it. It is there and you will learn to sense it with practise.

2. Sense your own aura. Hold your hands far apart. Now slowly bring them together. When they're about 1 or 2 inches apart, you may feel some resistance - this is your aura.

3. Hold a crystal in your hand(s). What do you feel? Move it over your chakras, or over the palm of your hand. Keep it close to you, but not touching.

4. Find a fist-sized stone and set it in front of you. Hold your hands over it, close but not touching. Feel anything? Keep trying, you will. Now, send energy through your hands and into the rock. Feel the rock again. What you sense now should feel different. Try pulling energy out of the rock, then see how it feels.

5. Walk around your house or yard and try to feel the auras of animals and plants with your hands. Try to sense a difference between them.

6. Walk close to a tree or human - don't touch. What do you feel? You are standing in their aura and will feel something somewhere in your body.

7. Spread some crystals on a table. Close your eyes and run your hand over the table. Keep your hand close, but not touching. Where do you feel the energy? Could be in your fingertips or in the palm of your hand.

8. Sit in a straight chair or on the floor in a room, with your eyes closed. Try to sense the overall feeling of the room. Now take your chair and sit in another part of the room. Does it feel any different?

8a. Try sitting in a different room. How does it compare with the first room you were in?

8b. Same room, but move things around. Over turn chairs and generally make a mess. Now, how does it feel?

9. This one is best done after dark with the lights off AND your eyes closed. Slowly walk through the room, house or yard. Don't open your eyes - rely on your other senses. You will, in time, be able to sense the presence of obstacles. Believe me - this really works and it's fun.

You may find that you don't always sense with your hands. I quite often feel the energy fields through my heart chakra. Be open to all sensations.

At first, you may find that you don't feel anything. But, when you're done you may remember sensing something. This happens often in the beginning - you're learning. Go with it.

All things begin in the imagination. Go ahead and imagine a sensation. After awhile, you won't need that extra *push* from your imagination to get things started. And, so what if you're making it all up in the beginning? - it will all come together with practise. You're sensing more with your mind than you are with your physical body anyway. Don't worry about it. Just know that you can do it.

Now, some of you may be wondering what this energy is supposed to feel like. The depends on what's being sensed and by whom. It can be a tingling, heat, cold, stinging, prickling; everyone's different.

Remember, don't try so hard; just do it. Practise and you'll learn. Have fun with this. You'll surprise yourself.

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