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Our Animal Companions,

(and how we can help them.)

Rite of Release.

by Emer

Sometimes our animal friends need a little help releasing from their bodies at death. This is the rite I use when one of my animal companions or another animal dies:

Surround the body in light. You may not be able to see this light, but know it is there nonetheless. Know that this energy you send will be used at some point in time to assist the animal to pass on to the Summerland.

Picture a door opening and beyond this door, see a glowing landscape - one this animal would be happy in.

Say this (or words similar):

*My friend,

Your body no longer serves you.

I bid you, in the names of the Lady and the Lord,

Go now to the Summerland.

May your spirit soar.

Blessed Be and Farewell.*

In the air, draw a pentacle with your hand to seal the rite.

Note: If you're doing this rite for a beloved animal companion, feel free to add a few words to personalize it.

Note (another one): You may sense the energy you send being accepted. There are times when it may feel like this energy has just hit a brick wall. This being is not yet ready to go - give him time. Come back later and do the rite again, if you can. Sometimes, the energy will seem to dissipate - this being has probably already left. Give him your blessings, nothing more is needed.

Quickie Rite of Release.

by Emer

When you're driving along in your car and see a dead animal on the road, you might want to do a rite of release.'s a little difficult at 60 mph in traffic. Most times it's impractical or just too dangerous to stop to do a rite of release.

So, I simply do this little rite:

Encircle the animal's body with energy.

Say, either aloud or silently:

*May your spirit soar in the Summerland, little one.*

Envision a glowing door opening to the Summerland.

There's not a whole lot you can do while zipping along in traffic, and you don't want to become road kill yourself. This rite can be done in a few seconds. If the animal's body is out of site, just see it in your mind and do the rite. It will receive the energy you send. Every little bit helps.

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